Nederland - bodyboarders from spain have questions about the meeting

surfercalavera - Do Jan 18, 2007 9:43 pm
Onderwerp: bodyboarders from spain have questions about the meeting
Hey people, we are living at the moment in Münster Germany, we are from east cost of Spain. We would like to join your meeting iin january. Could you tell us how to get to, the meeting where we could sleep, not so expansive if possible.
We thank you of any response.
So probably see ya.

good day mates
dannybb - Do Jan 18, 2007 11:12 pm
with how many guys are you ? because we are now with a little group of 6 people en mayB we can sleep at a locals home , its on the "waddenisland" Texel , you need to get to Den Helder and then with the boat to Texel. (search on a map)

You are verry verry welcome to join us in the COLD waters !!

(sorry for my bad english hope you can understand) Wink
Pascha - Vr Jan 19, 2007 12:32 am
Hello guys Smile

Welcom to the dutch bodyboard community! We would be delighted if you were to join us during our meeting on the upper islands of Holland. Lets hope that the swell joins us as well.

About accomodation, at this moment we where planning on crashing at someones house. This due to the small number of participants.
However if you guys are certain on coming, and there a few of you, it may be possible to pitch in and rent a bungalow or something like that.

Texel is reached from Den Helder which is at the top of North-Holland. The ferry cost is about 30 euro's which is a return ticket.
Dimitri - Vr Jan 19, 2007 1:33 pm
Saludos! Smile

If you're coming by car, I suggest you take a look on:

Arrow this route

If you're coming by train, I'm sure you're familiar with the Deutshe Bahn service and to get to Den Helder, take a look on:

Arrow this link

Like Pasha said, from Den Helder to Texel, I have to get a boat, so you can also have a look on the time tables:

Arrow In this link

I don't know about zimmer availability in Texel for the meeting group, but I'm sure that it can be arranged something by the welcome committee of the freaking flying kaaskop bodyboarders Laughing Razz My advice is to confirm your presence in the meeting so that the Committee can plan all the things in advance (dutch people have all things planned, even going to the WC... Rolling Eyes Laughing Razz)

Hasta la vista! Cool
Pascha - Vr Jan 19, 2007 8:29 pm
well planning and meetings are national hobby NR 1 Wink
mocca - Zo Jan 21, 2007 6:48 pm
For how long will you be linving in Munich? Because then you could come over for another meeting, and stay the weekend. As I am sure we can work something out that you can stay one or 2 nights in Holland.
Thomas - Zo Jan 21, 2007 7:33 pm
Mocca, as you are referring to Munich and the Spanish group is from Munster, you might be refering to my plans to come.

I really intend to come for the meeting next weekend. I'm permanently located in Munich (unfortunately very far from the sea), so it doesn't matter to which meeting I'll be travelling. The way would be the same anyway.

I plan to come with the night train by Saturday morning, and to leave with the night train on Sunday evening. Thus, I'll be looking for accomodation for one night. I wouldn't have a problem with booking a hotel room.

Does the meeting continue on Sunday, or is Sunday for you just for travelling back?
surfercalavera - Do Jan 25, 2007 7:13 pm
Onderwerp: Un saludo
Hey people,

thanks a lot for answers and proposes, super about your bodyboarding community, Very Happy

unfortunatly we can't move to Texel this weekend, but we are sure that we'll meet in an other meeting or moment, we want to got to the beach in february, but we don't know the best sweells and conditions, the places we have an idea about your site, but the best places for bb?
and very important thing the temperature of the water..... Question

we have the boards on fire in Münster and we're very exciting to ride here.
This weekend there are waves in valencia-alicante (we are from there), and cold weather too Shocked.

some photos from there (alicante in a great weekend), enjoy it!!!!! Cool

we can send us photos from valencia on fire!!!!!, there are three-four places for bb in very good conditions, not regular but.....

saludos desde münster,
we meet in holland....

adios amigos!!!!!!
dannybb - Vr Jan 26, 2007 12:59 pm
sick pics !! Cool

And we will meet at another meeting then Wink
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